About Us

With over 10 years experience in the mobile industry and coverage over 800 global networks, we are a well positioned specialist for your messaging needs

Silverstreet is a specialist Mobile Messaging (SMS) company, offering global MT termination options over 800+ networks. Our primary focus is on mission critical traffic and high volume (wholesale) clients.

Founded in 1999, Silverstreet is a diversified telecom group with interests in various tele and .com companies and is wholly owned by parent company, Impiro Pte Ltd, a full service investment firm incorporated in Singapore. Working with over 3000+ businesses, including mobile service providers and enterprises, Silverstreet’s mobile messaging solutions and innovative, highly scalable transaction platform continually provides our clients with unique, reliable and secure solutions.

Our product portfolio permits the easy and efficient integration of mobile services, regardless of whether you are a small independent user or a multinational enterprise.

  • Bulk SMS gateway – Optimize your large scale and wholesale messaging requirements.
  • Number Lookup – Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a worry of the past.
  • Mobile Connect – Connect your own applications with mobile users all over the globe.
  • Mobile Communicator – Gain complete control of reaching your target group, anytime, anywhere.
  • Virtual Mobile Numbers – Inbound SMS numbers for 2-way traffic and response tracking purposes.

Silverstreet is a privately funded, GSMA Associate member. Our footprint is global with headquarters in Singapore and local offices in Europe and Asia, as well as representatives in South Africa. We reach a volume of approximately 3.5 billion SMS messages a year and our group revenue forecast for 2015 exceeds 100m EUR.