Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of the Founder of Silverstreet as well as the driving force behind its commercial success over the last half decade. This provides Silverstreet with the solid foundation needed to continue growing the company from strength to strength.

  • Maikel Lambregts

    Maikel Lambregts

    Founder and Chairman of the Board

    Maikel Lambregts is the Founder, Chairman and former CEO of Silverstreet. Prior to establishing Silverstreet in 1999, he has been occupied with the startup of a European dinner and hotel coupon organization and an internet consultancy firm that realized internet presence for thousands of restaurants, bars and hotels all over Europe.
  • Simon Landsheer

    Simon Landsheer

    President & CEO

    Simon Landsheer, who has been with Silverstreet since the end of 2006, has been responsible for the companies immense growth and expansion from its initial foundation in the Netherlands throughout Europe and subsequently into Asia, Africa and Australia establishing Silverstreet as one of the leading SMS aggregators in the global mobile industry in the process.