Management Team

Our management team brings years of industry experience to the table ranging from a variety of different mobile expertises and business backgrounds

  • Simon Landsheer

    Simon Landsheer

    President & CEO

    Simon Landsheer, who has been with Silverstreet since the end of 2006, has been responsible for the companies immense growth and expansion from its initial foundation in the Netherlands throughout Europe and subsequently into Asia, Africa and Australia establishing Silverstreet as one of the leading SMS aggregators in the global mobile industry in the process.
  • Eric Dadoun

    Eric Dadoun

    Chief Commercial Officer

    As Chief Commercial Officer of Silverstreet, Eric Dadoun plays an integral role in terms of driving sales, strategy and new business initiatives. His strong focus on providing great value and a tailored service for Silverstreet’s customers, partners and clients is renowned amongst industry players and his experience in the mobile messaging space is highly valued.
  • Ben Chong

    Ben Chong

    Chief Strategy Officer

    As Chief Strategy Officer of Silverstreet, Ben provides the strategic direction for Silverstreet and is responsible for driving forward the company’s role in the mobile telecommunication ecosystem.
  • Michael Brouwer

    Michael Brouwer

    Chief Financial Officer

    Michael joined Silverstreet in June 2011. He brings a total of more than 20 years of accounting, financial analysis and business planning experience to the team.
  • Arnoud Dolleman

    Arnoud Dolleman

    Chief Technical Officer

    Arnoud is Chief Technical Officer for Silverstreet. Arnoud’s previous role in the company was to oversee the research and development of the company’s core products and service offerings. His commitment and understanding of the industry has led him to full management responsibility of the entire technical landscape within the Silverstreet organisation. Arnoud has a knack for ensuring that business requirements and technical solutions are not only precisely defined but also aligned.