Partner Program

Why invest when you can work with us and skip straight to the profit? Silverstreet is here to simplify your mobile business.

Silverstreet is constantly looking for new ways to grow its network of resellers and partners in any way that makes sense for all parties involved. Do you have a network of potential clients who can benefit from the use of SMS but you either don’t have the ability to launch your own SMS platform or simply don’t have the time for it?

There is no longer a need to miss this opportunity as you can simply partner with Silverstreet to ensure that your contacts mobile needs are properly supported, while you collect a recurring revenue stream for the business generated!

Why work with Silverstreet as part of the Partner Program? Simple!

  • Lifetime commission for each client you introduce us to
  • Two models to choose from
  • Silverstreet handles all the technical, support and commercial work
  • Avoid all the costs of launching an SMS gateway and skip straight to the profit!

So what are these two models to choose from?

  • Fixed Commission
  • Percentage Commission

Silverstreet will provide you with a price list detailing what we are able to offer for our global connectivity. All you have to do is let us know what your desired fixed commission is per network. So, for example, if we tell you that your price to a particular network is 0.02 EUR then all you have to do is tell us to charge the client 0.023 EUR or whatever rate it is you have in mind!

Following the introduction of the client to Silverstreet and following the traffic being sent, Silverstreet will send you the difference between the above example figures of 0.02 EUR and 0.023 EUR for as long as the client continues working with Silverstreet!

Identical to Fixed Commission but instead of a specific monetary value per message, it is replaced with a percentage of Silverstreet’s profit margin. Needless to say Silverstreet will at all times remain transparent, both on its profit margin as well as its relationships with customers involved. We aim to ensure that all parties are comfortable and able to continue to grow the revenue involved!

Do you have something else in mind? Do you want to partner up with Silverstreet but prefer to tweak the above-mentioned models? We are eager to hear from you regarding your ideas to see if we can find a model that benefits both parties.

We’ll do the heavy lifting with sales, support and technical monitoring. All you have to do is bridge the gap between Silverstreet and your contacts – and then sit back and collect a lifetime commission for your efforts. We are a flexible bunch purely interested in continuing to push mobile towards as many companies and users as possible so please feel free to reach out to us and lets get the discussions going!

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