The definitive guide to segmenting your SMS marketing list

    The definitive guide to segmenting your SMS marketing list

    SMS marketing is an extremely valuable tool in an increasingly competitive mobile marketplace, but many businesses are not reaping the full potential of bulk SMS campaigns because of a small but crucial failure: they are not segmenting their databases. Not all consumers are created equal, and by dividing or segmenting your list of consumers or potential consumers, you can create specialised, unique content, targeting your campaigns and increasing your return on investment. Want to start segmenting your SMS marketing list but don’t know where to begin? Here is our four step definitive guide on how to segment your contact database for maximum gain. 1. Decide how to segment your marketing list The first port of call when segmenting a database […]

    Building an exceptional sms database

    Building and maintaining an exceptional SMS database

    SMS marketing is recognized as one of the most effective forms of marketing in use today as it is simple, immediate, and convenient. Did you know that more than 97 percent of SMS messages are read, most within a mere four minutes of receipt? This is an impressive statistic when compared with the a 22% open rate for emails. What about SMS in comparison to social media? Well consider the following research conducted through Oregon University, which states that “96% of smartphone users text message, and 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) predicted that by 2014, there would be more active mobile accounts than people, […]

    The benefits of SMS marketing for bars and nightclubs

    Bars and nightclubs, like any other industry, rely on a specific demographic for maintaining a thriving business. Download Our Case Study: Find out how Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza reaped the impressive benefits of SMS marketing with the help of Silverstreet. Click here to download.   Traditionally, the process of spreading brand awareness and the latest offers was done purely through paper banners, flyers, word of mouth, and televised ads for the companies that can afford them. However, times are rapidly changing, and with the evolution of digital technology, companies can now rely on SMS as an invaluable communication tool for promoting their brand all while spending a fraction of the cost and with no more effort than the creation […]

    mobile marketing campaigns

    Mobile marketing campaigns and benefits for restaurants

    The restaurant business is one of the most challenging industries in which to build a thriving career. More families are opting to eat at home due to tough economic times, and even when they do eat out, there are dozens of other restaurants they can pick over yours. Restaurant owners really need to stay on top of their game  when it comes to marketing their establishment, and mobile marketing is one of the best ways to do this. Why SMS marketing is perfectly suited for the restaurant industry What is the factor that really drives customer interest? In most cases, it is a good deal or the promise of a giveaway. When it comes to eating establishments, customers love receiving […]

    sms campaign

    Surefire tips to make your next SMS campaign a success

    In today’s technology-focused world, there’s no good reason to not take advantage of one of the most effective marketing techniques used today – bulk SMS campaigns. Although sending an SMS may seem unnecessary to established companies used to traditional forms of advertising, in reality it can make a huge difference to almost any type of company if utilized in the right way. SMS campaigns are one of the cheapest forms of mass marketing with one of the highest success rates (of actually being opened, read, and utilized by clients) of any modern or traditional form of marketing. As a newer marketing technique, however, it is important that your company understands the best practices associated with launching SMS marketing campaigns to […]

    Keep your fitness clients healthy all year long through SMS marketing

    One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to lose those ten pounds that seem to just appear around the holiday season. Unfortunately, for many, these resolutions fall by the wayside often after only a few weeks of gym visits and healthy eating. This is a particular problem for gyms and personal trainers who naturally would like their clients to be enthusiastic about their health all year long. Innovative fitness professionals have begun to take advantage of new marketing techniques to promote the continued health of their clients, especially in the form of SMS campaigns. These efforts may be able to help revolutionize the fitness industry by offering constant interaction between clients and their trainers or gyms in a […]

    sms service

    Why every school and university should adopt an SMS service

    SMS is often thought of as a service reserved primarily for businesses. However, the truth is that SMS is far more diverse than just a method for helping companies increase their brand awareness and increasing ROI. In fact, schools and universities are also adopting SMS services as a way to keep parents and the student body up to date with school-related events and news. SMS makes communication far easier for schools In this day and age, even most pre-adolescent students own a cell phone, and most schools permit them as long as they aren’t used during class time. With that in mind, schools can quickly send updates via text instead of paper flyers, which usually end up littering the hallways […]

    world cup

    Join the World Cup craze to connect with your company’s fans

    You would be hard pressed to find anyone around the globe that is unaware of the fact that the world’s biggest sporting event is currently in full-swing. The FIFA World Cup in Brazil started on 12 June 2014, and since then, it seems to be the only thing millions of people internationally are talking about – and with good reason. The World Cup brings together billions of fans around the planet to root for their national teams or, when not represented, root for the regional favourites in what often turns out to be a sports rendition of international politics. This is the most social World Cup ever and probably the most social event in history – Tweet this! This global […]

    mobile marketing

    Why SMS is still the face of mobile marketing

    Every business has one goal in mind when it comes to marketing: to obtain the best results while keeping overhead costs as low as possible. This is especially true in times of economic downturn and competing businesses continue to make it frustratingly difficult for small company owners to make ends meet. This is where SMS marketing becomes the saving grace for companies that desperately need a way to reach out to their target audience. Why SMS works Keep in mind that 91% of the world’s population owns a cell phone and children of today learn how to use a cell phone before their first year of school. In fact, having a cellular device in your pocket or purse is as […]

    Silverstreet Case Study: Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd

    Silverstreet Case Study: Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd

    When re-evaluating your marketing strategy and looking to adding new elements such as SMS campaigns, it is always extremely helpful to analyse how these methods have assisted other companies and which campaigns work best across different sectors. Companies of various sizes and from a variety of sectors are finding creative ways to implement SMS marketing into their day-to-day marketing activities. The proliferation of SMS-enabled mobile phones globally has provided boundless possibilities for companies aiming to connect with their customers via their mobile phones. There are several case studies that highlight the effective use of SMS campaigns and how they can benefit small businesses just as much as an already established company. Once such case is that of Mydin Mohamed Holdings […]

    sms marketing campaigns

    SMS marketing campaigns convert basic leads into real sales

    Believe it or not, almost anyone who has a mobile phone today is also a user of SMS. Time has flown, and people have been taking advantage of the Short Messaging Service that is SMS for almost twenty years. SMS is a common feature of modern communication in the lives of millions of people around the world. If your company hasn’t started to use this method of communication to reach out to your market base, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Not only are SMS campaigns hugely effective in reaching out and connecting with customers, they are also extremely affordable and offer one of the best return on investments (ROI) of any marketing tool. Are SMS Marketing […]

    text message marketing

    6 reasons to try text message marketing for your business

    When it comes to a phone versus an email campaign, you can rest assured that phones will win every time. Though email marketing is the most prevalent, the fact still remains that most of your marketing emails will find themselves relegated to junk mail. In the event that they are actually seen, all it takes is a quick scan of the subject heading before they’re forgotten entirely. With mobile marketing, you’re sending a message straight to a person’s phone. Statistically, that means your message is going straight into their pocket, and studies show that an extremely high percentage of marketing texts are read. After all, it doesn’t take long (and it gets rid of that pesky ‘unread’ notification). Despite reluctance […]

    sms marketing campaigns

    What makes SMS marketing campaigns worth the effort?

    Many companies have relied on traditional marketing tools like billboard-sized advertisements and magazine covers. While that may have been successful in the past for their brand, exploring newer marketing tools should be on the radar. Contrary to popular belief, even companies that have relatively successful ongoing campaigns in print and media can strengthen their market base and reach out to new customers by diversifying their marketing portfolio to include newer tools like Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS campaigns have become popular, mostly in the last decade, as the proliferation of SMS-enabled mobile phones has spread across the globe. Now, almost all cellular phones can easily send and receive SMeS. So the big question is, how can an SMS marketing campaign benefit […]

    sms marketing tricks

    Top 10 SMS marketing tricks for better results

    It might seem like a simple matter of writing down your number, but opting-in for a mobile service comes with a certain amount of gravitas for the average customer. The rate of texts opened may be high, but what happens next is up to you, and how compelling your marketing message is to the average person. Mobile marketing is a vital tool that can easily be misused, or simply underused. To create the engaging effect that will have customers fully appreciative of your efforts to get in contact, you might want to try the following SMS marketing tricks: 1. The call to action Almost the easiest step, but most often forgotten, is that every message must end with some kind […]

    sms campaigns for sports

    SMS campaigns for sports: Increasing fan loyalty and participation

    The benefits of using SMS campaigns as an integral part of your marketing plan are well understood. SMS campaigns are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available today, allowing both small and large companies to expand their marketing base and strengthen their existing relationships with updates and special offers. What many people quickly forget, however, is that SMS campaigns can be helpful to a wide variety of companies, beyond the apparel store or doctor’s office. A great yet little known use of SMS campaigns is for the promotion and support of sports’ teams and leagues. Sending bulk SMS is a great way to build a loyal fanbase and guarantee that every game is played to the enjoyment of a […]

    mobile marketing

    SMS & MMS: Going beyond mobile marketing

    You’ve probably heard of the effectiveness of mobile marketing, the high probability of reaching a select audience successfully and how inexpensive the entire procedure is compared to other forms of advertising. However, your campaigns don’t have to stop at marketing. If you’ve garnered your loyal customer base already, that leaves you with a list of numbers that you can be using in a myriad of ways. Don’t feel limited to promo texts; your opted-in customers have indicated that they want to hear from you, and this can be a powerful tool. Keeping in touch Instead of sending scores of messages announcing special deals or competitions, which can eventually come to be regarded as spam, try sending more poignant information. As […]

    sms campaign

    Learn from the experts before launching your SMS campaign

    Whether you have been actively searching for a new approach to your marketing strategy or you feel as if your old portfolio is holding up well, you should know about the potential benefits of SMS marketing. This relatively new marketing tool can fill in the gaps of an existing marketing plan that is generally successful, or form one of the pillars of your company’s relationship with its customer base. SMS marketing campaigns are a cinch to set up, especially if you enlist the help of a bulk SMS professional and are one of the most affordable mass marketing options available. What does it take to launch an SMS campaign? The first step towards setting up an SMS campaign involves creating […]

    Stop Wasting Time and Money: Why Your Business Needs Home Location Register

    Even the best of SMS campaigns will end up with a little bit of wastage. Large amounts of texts will be sent out, and perhaps only a fraction of recipients respond in a meaningful way. It takes a lot of messages to produce a desired result, and this should be expected in any text-based campaign. However, there are ways to cut the costs and trim down the list, ensuring that only the most relevant customers are on the receiving end. SMSes are cheap, but not free, therefore you want them to be used as efficiently as possible. We live in an age where mobiles are about to outnumber PCs, making the mobile medium more important for communication than ever before. […]

    Increase Your Company’s Efficiency, Decrease Cost and Skyrocket Reaction Time with SMS Messages

    They’re not just for playing games anymore: mobile phones can revolutionize the way employees communicate with each other and how companies communicate with their customers. SMS messaging services can help increase how quickly others respond to new information, which can decrease time spent and increase efficiency. Whether it’s letting everyone know there are “Donuts in the break room!” or making sure that employees are communicating with each other concerning upcoming projects, SMS is increasingly replacing other slower means of communication. Your company can benefit by following the example of other successful businesses that have implemented the use of SMS as a highly successful communication tool.

    Revolutionizing the Elder Care Industry Through SMS

    There’s no dispute that technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry as a whole, but some sectors have benefited from mobile technology more than others. When it comes to elder care, mobile technology opens a whole new realm of possibilities for caregivers, health care professionals and individuals themselves. Whether it’s a reminder to take medication or a way to keep tabs on a senior maintaining his or her independence, SMS and mobile technology can make all the difference in quality of life for the older generation. Here are some examples to demonstrate how mobile tech is influencing the elder care industry for the better. Making Appointments Part of the challenges of the elder care industry is the fact that the elderly […]

    How to Use Lead Generation to Get Customers to Sign Up for Your SMS Campaign

    SMS is a powerful marketing tool that can send messages straight into a customer’s hands. 98% of texts are opened immediately, as it is simply viewed as a form of communication with more brevity and less commitment than email – and certainly less than a phone call. This is why SMS campaigns are such a crucial method of ensuring customer loyalty and giving something back in return, but it also pays to think about the before and after of messaging. Generating leads is key to ensuring the success of a mobile marketing campaign, and there are any number of ways to make sure your message is having the absolute maximum impact. Lead Generation An SMS campaign that stands on its […]

    Is Your News Dead on Arrival? How to Use SMS to Spread the Word Like Wildfire

    It’s no secret that mobile phones help us share news faster than ever. But while you can harness the power of SMS to spread the news about everything from products to news, making the news hard to share or targeting the wrong demographic could make even the most exciting developments dead on arrival. Instead, learn how to spread news via SMS in a way that is both engaging and widespread if you really want your news spread quickly. You might find that just a few tweaks to your current process could make all the difference in your strategy – and your results. New Products and Services Need to spread the word about new products and services that your company offers? […]

    Why Your SMS Campaign Isn’t Working and What to Do About It

    SMS campaigns continue to gain ground despite the increasing number of smartphones and applications. As people become more used to the technology, marketing strategies become more and more elaborate and allow for far greater customer interaction; but SMS continues to deliver results. The mobile marketing scene is full of such opportunities, QR codes being one such example. However, this also means that the industry is rife with people creating sub-standard SMS campaigns. The mistakes are often minuscule, but can have a huge impact on the overall effort and could potentially be a colossal waste of time and money in the long run. Here are a few tips and check boxes to keep in mind: Keep things Simple First off, you […]

    Are You Overlooking the World’s Fastest-Growing Mobile Phone Market?

    Let’s face it: when it comes to mobile phone market growth, it can be a bit sluggish. After all, most people in North America and Europe already have their phones and only purchase new subscription accounts for new members of the family. Therefore, once you’ve tapped the usual suspects for mobile phone campaigns and sales ops, you might feel like there’s nowhere else to go. But if you’re only targeting Europe, North and South America, you could be missing out on the fastest-growing markets in both Asia and Africa. By understanding the growth potential there – and how to target African growth and sales opportunities – you can see how skipping over a fledgling market might not be in your […]

    Is Your SMS Marketing Campaign Legal?

    One of the biggest headaches of online marketing is always having to make drastic changes to comply with new legal rules. One such example is the Google algorithm; how often have marketers been frustrated by having to change their SEO game plan due to rollouts like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird? With SMS marketing campaigns, at least businesses didn’t have to worry about the higher-ups at Google making major overhauls that would affect their efforts. Unfortunately, the release of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act has changed the relative freedom previously associated with SMS campaigns, showing that you can never get too comfortable with any mode of marketing. TCPA at a Glance The TCPA took effect on October 16, 2013 and was […]

    The Inside Scoop: Why SMS Marketing Works

    On the surface, SMS messaging seems like a straightforward concept with lucrative marketing potential: you create a mass text to your demographic, hit the send button, and presto!, your consumers will respond by the droves. Unfortunately, a reality check is in order; any seasoned marketer knows that no marketing concept is ever that simple. The truth is that SMS is an incredible concept but also one that can be seen as intrusive if utilized the wrong way. Stats Don’t Lie The numbers and statistics reveal a very positive outlook on SMS and is certainly food for thought for businesses considering using texts as part of their promotional endeavors. • 96% of smartphone users use SMS. • 98% of all texts […]

    Is Your SMS Message Being Heard? How to Stand Out in a Sea of Text Messages

    In a day and age where the everyday man and woman have become heavily reliant on their mobile devices, SMS marketing has become a gateway for reaching out to scores of potential new clients. However, like any other marketing approach, there needs to be a well-defined strategy. Too many businesses opt for the lazy man’s approach where they simply send out a mass text and cross their fingers that at least a handful will respond. If you want the rewards, then you must have an end-goal and a plan set in place. Creative SMS Marketing Approaches Ninety-five percent of texts are opened. That figure, however, could go up or down depending on the angle of your approach. An uninspiring text […]

    Silverstreet Case Study: Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza

    You don’t have to just take our word for it. Listen to our satisfied customers for an objective account of the way SMS marketing can revolutionize your company. Client feedback is priceless not only because it provides an experiential resource for other clients, but because it can help us make our services better and better. At Silverstreet, we take the feedback of our clients seriously. Listening to the experiences of our clients has helped us understand what is working and what is not. Thanks to this information, we have learned how to best streamline the SMS campaign procedure to be most effective for almost any type of business or organization. We are also happy to provide you with our market […]

    The 2014 Mobile World Congress: Recap

    The 2014 Mobile World Congress recently took place in Barcelona, and as per usual it was a hub of the latest tech news, gadgetry and beyond. With the mobile platform taking off like never before, MWC 2014 didn’t just unveil a host of new technologies; speakers from all around the world, including Mark Zuckerberg and Virginia Rometty, addressed a wide variety of topics facing the market today, ranging from the latest fitness apps to the future of communications. Companies on display included car manufacturer Tesla Motors and technology giant Samsung. Wearables In terms of gadgetry, a few announcements related to ‘wearables’; that is, technology designed to be worn instead of being handheld. The world of wearable technology has never received […]

    Is Your Medical Practice Failing? How SMS Can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

    No-shows are a common occurrence in the healthcare industry. This is usually attributed to a miscommunication about the appointment time, though there are also patients who simply forget. For the patient, a single missed appointment may not seem like that big of a deal. However, each non-attendance does have an accumulative and detrimental effect on the clinic as it means an underutilization of nursing, medical and administrative resources. This also results in more reschedules, which can strain an already stretched backlog and wait list. While nothing new, SMS is one method that may help clinics reduce the all-too-common no-shows. SMS in the Healthcare Industry It’s not uncommon for doctors to send a quick courtesy reminder the day prior to the […]

    Is Your Marketing Plan Aligned with Your SMS Strategy?

    Despite the growth of social media, one of the most effective ways to communicate with clients is through short and clear SMS messages. However, unless you have a clear message and plan, you risk confusing your clients and pushing them towards competitors’ services. SMS marketing, everyone is doing it. Should you? SMS marketing is a powerful tool that requires planning and extreme delicacy. A good way to burn a client’s trust is by bombarding them with spam and unwanted messages. Despite the dangers, a successful SMS strategy can be a businesses’ best marketing asset. Ask yourself “What benefits will you and your clients gain from using SMS as part of your overall strategy?” It’s important to know exactly what you’re […]

    Easy Tips to Skyrocket Your SMS Marketing Campaign

    SMS marketing is an effective way to deliver content and offers to customers in a timely manner. Additionally it allows businesses to promote their services to a targeted audience, leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. Creating your marketing campaign can be confusing and many businesses fall into the trap of preferencing quantity over quality advertising. Here are some tips to differentiate yourself from the spam and have customers clamouring to use your services. Opt-in All the Way Opt-in is a must—barraging customers with unwanted SMS advertising is only good for driving them away forever. We expect to get spam on our email accounts, but phones are still considered a personal device that should be treated with a high level […]

    How Your SMS Campaign Can Save the World and Grow Your Business at the Same Time

    In our environmentally sensitive times, the truly smart companies are doing everything they can to show their social responsibility. From Starbucks’ “Grounds for Your Garden” initiative to The Body Shop championing human rights, CSR (corporate social responsibility) isn’t simply a bandwagon to be jumped upon for some free publicity; it’s a way of showing that a business actually cares enough to give something back. It’s also being used to demonstrate that corporations can use their immense power for the greater good, as a way of provoking social change. Your company might not be a Starbucks-sized giant, but that doesn’t diminish your power to make a difference, and this is where the humble SMS comes into play. A campaign to raise […]

    You Won! How to Create a Marketing SMS Contest that Converts Customers

    The marketing SMS: we’ve all seen it done well, but it can also be done poorly, and this results in irritated customers who want nothing more to do with your business. Using the power of SMS to help a company isn’t for everyone, but texts can be an effective way of sending out a message, garnering feedback, or simply making your customers’ lives that much easier. It’s also a fairly cheap method of reaching large amounts of people. SMS competitions are one great way of letting the public interact with your business, and they’ll be far more likely to respond with the added motivation of a prize at the end of it all. However, for an SMS competition to be […]

    Making the Most of SMS Marketing in 2014

    SMS Marketing has proven itself to be a priceless marketing tool in the most recent sales extravaganza that surrounded Thanksgiving 2013. Not only effective during the high sales points of the year, SMS marketing has shown incredible success in increasing sales and customer interaction in a wide array of companies, ranging from huge retailers to restaurants. This innovative marketing tool will not disappear from the communications scene anytime soon and is likely to be a central aspect of many companies’ marketing strategies in 2014. How can your business take advantage of the benefits of SMS Marketing in the coming year? Shops If your company is in the business of selling consumer products, there are obvious benefits to SMS marketing. You […]

    Why 2-Way Traffic Matters to an SMS Campaign

    With SMS Marketing forging the new frontier in marketing technology, your company is probably looking at how to best utilize this new tool if it is not already benefiting from its impressive possibilities. Retail companies are taking advantage of SMS Marketing to advertise exciting sales and discounts, issue coupons, and alert customers about any events or important changes. Other businesses use SMS marketing tools to communicate amongst their own employees in an effort to streamline the entire company’s functionality. Government and social service agencies are able to use SMS Marketing to protect citizens from dangerous situations and let them know about any of a number of significant events and happenings. Service providers use SMS Marketing to make sure their customers […]

    Is SMS Marketing Right for My Company?

    Bulk SMS Marketing has been touted as the favorite marketing strategy, already having proven to make a significant difference in sales in several campaigns during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rushes. The popularity of sending bulk SMS as a marketing tool has skyrocketed in recent times as more and more evidence is produced showing the success of Bulk SMS marketing campaigns. The positive experience of companies using mobile phones as their prefered marketing vehicle, however, do not apply to all businesses that launch mobile marketing campaigns. Although many of the companies whose SMS campaigns have failed will go on to blame some aspect of the marketing strategy itself, it is often actually a problem in the implementation of the […]

    What Are You Afraid Of? 4 Unfounded Fears Surrounding SMS Marketing Campaigns

    As a relatively new marketing technique, SMS marketing campaigns are still not being used by the majority of businesses, despite its unique reach, capability and incredibly low cost. SMS marketing is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with both their employees and their customers, playing an influential role in important sales events and public information campaigns. No matter the type or size of the company you work with, SMS marketing could most likely help your business. What is holding you back from the future? Here are a few unfounded common complaints about SMS marketing. 1. It is too complicated. For those companies that are proud of running their businesses with the same processes and protocols of their parents’ day because those […]

    The Impact of SMS on the Developing World

    With all the talk of iPhones versus other smartphones, discovering the newest and coolest app, and debates over whether to use SMS or a web-based app to send messages to your friends and colleagues, it is easy to forget that millions of people around the world are still extremely grateful to simply have a functioning mobile phone of any sort. In fact, having a smartphone puts some people in the developing world at a disadvantage because of their lack of durability and short battery life, making a tried and trusted Nokia a much more attractive option. In fact, the majority of mobile phone users in the world have feature phones, with the large majority of those living in the developing […]

    Making the Most of Your Mobile Marketing Campaign for the New Year

    Living in the moment may be the best choice for your personal life, but most people would agree that managing a company and launching its marketing campaigns are areas of your life that are best planned out well in advance. As such, have you already thought about where you see your company going in 2014? We’re well into the new year, and for some companies, it’s yet to be determined how they will successfully tackle their marketing goals in the future. What should you keep in mind when strategizing for your business’ bright future in 2014? Know your strategy Why do you want to use mobile marketing techniques versus print or email ads? If the answer is at all unclear, […]

    Choosing the Right Modern Marketing Strategy for Your Company: Social Media or Bulk SMS Marketing?

    The key to successful marketing is reaching the largest number of your preferred customers as possible with the right message and product. Your marketing strategy should reflect this ideology, using the best marketing tools available to meet your company’s goals. As such, both Social Media and Bulk SMS Marketing should be a part of your business’s potential marketing plan, as they are two of the most innovative and effective tools of our time. Choosing between focusing your resources on Social Media Marketing and Bulk SMS Marketing can thus present quite a challenge for newcomers by seeming to address the same market base in similar methods. However, they actually differ in several important ways that can significantly affect the efficacy of […]



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