Mobile Communicator

Easy-to-use Bulk SMS Solution

Silverstreet’s Mobile Communicator is an online platform specializing in bulk SMS software, allowing you to manage your SMS and Number Lookup campaigns. You can manage, monitor, edit and review all your campaigns in one easy to use portal.

Watch this video for a quick overview of how our Mobile Communicator can help you!

SMS Campaign in 6 Easy Steps

  • 1. Choose your campaign type

    Do you want to send an SMS or
    Number Lookup campaign?

  • 2. Select your target audience

    Upload your recipients via
    Excel or CSV and segment your list with personalized filters

  • 3. Develop personalized messaging

    Develop your message using our
    tagging system, which will personalize each message individually – Hi John, your order has arrived and is ready
    for collection!

  • 4. Test your campaign

    Utilize or testing option and
    send a message to yourself first before sending out a mass campaign

  • 5. Schedule or hit send

    Schedule your campaign to send
    out a later date or time that may be more optimal for the results you’d like to achieve

  • 6. Track your results

    Use the report center to keep
    track of why particular messages are not being delivered and assess the effectiveness of your campaigns to help
    you achieve greater ROI with your next campaign

Why the Mobile Communicator

  • Easy to use
    1. Simple to set up, send and monitor multiple SMS and Number Lookup campaigns.
    2. Clean, web-based interface.
  • Cost effective
    1. Subscription is free – only pay for the campaigns you send.
    2. Utlilize Number Lookup to clean up your recipient lists and ensure all numbers are valid,
      providing a more accurate and up-to-date database for your messaging needs.
  • Easily import contacts
    1. Easily upload your recipient database into relevant lists using Excel or CSV.
    2. Segment each list by adding personal columns to filter recipients within a list.
  • Unique, personal campaigns
    1. Develop your own unique message for each campaign and set standard templates for regular use.
    2. Utilize our tagging system to personalize each message in a campaign.
  • Time your communication
    1. Schedule your campaigns to go out to your distribution list at a time that best suits the
      requirements of your campaign.
  • Unlimited campaigns
    1. Send unlimited SMS and Number Lookup campaigns under one account.
  • Valuable data and reporting
    1. Complete control over your campaign data with immediate access to names, phone numbers and
      delivery rates for each campaign.
    2. Keep track of why particular messages are not being delivered and assess the effectiveness of
      your campaigns.
  • Multiple users and easy billing
    1. Set up multiple users and manage each users rights – one bill, one account and multiple users.
    2. Easily order credit for all your accounts.

What is the Mobile Communicator?

Silverstreet’s Mobile Communicator is an online platform that allows you to manage your SMS and Number
campaigns. You can manage, monitor, edit and review all your campaigns in one easy to use portal.

What is an SMS campaign?

Bulk SMS campaigns are delivered via SMS from a mobile application, like Silverstreet’s Mobile Communicator portal, to a mobile subscriber’s handset. Examples campaigns are payment reminders, alerts, invitations, event updates, product launches and more. SMS campaigns through the Mobile Communicator allow you to easily send messages to a list of recipients. You can select the account to be charged, select a list – or a segment of a list – you’d like to send your campaign to, enter the message or develop a template message for regular use, check the estimated campaign costs and preview the message before sending. Concatenated messages and Unicode messages are supported. Once a campaign is sent you can draw a report, which will include the number of recipients, total messages, total costs, delivery rate and more.

What is Number Lookup campaign?

Number Lookup is a service that checks the validity of a mobile number and the mobile network it is subscribed to at the time. Silverstreet’s Number Lookup offering will assist you to regularly clean up your database, help you identify inactive numbers, easily manage Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and subsequently decrease costs, reduce fraud and help provide a more accurate and up to date database for your messaging and routing needs.

How many characters do I get in a message?

A standard message using GSM characters, such as English, contains 160 characters. Certain languages must be sent using the Unicode standard, these characters take up more space within the SMS text and thus Unicode messages are limited to 70 characters.

What if my message is longer than the characters available?

Not to worry! Silverstreet’s Mobile Communicator supports concatenated messages – meaning the system automatically splits up your message content into the required number of messages.

Can people reply to my messages?

Yes, by utilizing the Silverstreet longcode product portfolio. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

How do I create an account?

You can request a free test account or
and one of our sales representatives will send you an invite. Once you’ve received an invite, you can either create an account using an email address and password or sign in using our easy authentication options via Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Yahoo.

Is there a mobile app?

We don’t have a mobile app but our website is fully functional on mobile.

I am a reseller, what benefits do you offer?

We offer resellers complete customization of the portal. You can register your own domain name, use your own logo and even request us to design your own theme, colors and styling. This service’s scalable design makes it suitable for use in small or large volumes in all sectors and industries.

Which languages does the Mobile Communicator currently support?

English, Dutch, Polish, Thai, Malay, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese – with additional languages to be added on an ongoing basis. If there is a language currently not supported we do work with our users to add languages they’ve requested.

Do you use any of the mobile phone numbers I provide for marketing purposes?

We do not reuse our customers’ contacts or mobile numbers. We are purely a connectivity provider focused solely on the transmission of SMS without any involvement in database redistribution and are further interested in the long-term development of our relationships with our clients. That said, thus we avoid any and all actions that may infringe on their trust, privacy and generally their confidence in our services. The only time we tap into their mobile numbers is if and when an operator may ask us to investigate suspicious content.

This doesn’t answer my question. What now?

You can contact us by phone on +31 13 4690886 or via our contact
on our website

Who Is Using Us?

Large enterprises worldwide from a variety of different industries are all using SMS campaigns as part of their marketing mix. Our bulk SMS software provides a fast, cost-effective, high impact and timely manner in which to get your message across to your customers.

  • Financial Services

    Keep thousands of
    customers informed with financial advice, product information, online payment notifications, account
    balances, airtime and cash transfers and more – at the click of a button.

  • Emergency

    Provide your employees or
    community with vital information regarding emergency situations such as bad weather, public health hazards
    and other disasters.

  • Government

    Provide updates on work
    permit status or court attendance dates. Enhance the scope of your political campaigns and reach larger
    audiences. Send out police department campaigns or missing person details.

  • Healthcare

    Manage staff schedules
    with regular updates and alerts. Keep patients informed about their upcoming appointments or available slots
    due to cancellations. Provide patients with invaluable health and wellness information on–demand.

  • Education

    Provide lecturers with a
    tool to keep students informed on assignments, events, exam schedules and locations. Connect staff members
    and keep them informed about emergencies or meetings.

  • Retail

    Inform existing and
    potential clients about sales, new shipments, mobile coupons and discounts. Increase customer interaction
    through two-way SMS campaigns. Enhance customer support and problem resolution.

  • Sports and Leisure

    Generate leads and
    strengthen databases by sending out targeted SMS campaigns. Send out information on promotions and services.
    Manage cancellations, bookings and schedule changes.

  • Entertainment & Events

    Ensure your fan base is
    always aware of upcoming parties, performances and competitions by sending out informative SMS campaigns.
    Provide them with specials on tickets and exhibitions.

  • Travel

    Reach passengers and crew
    regarding flight cancellations or points programmes. As a travel agent or hotel, communicate special offers
    via SMS campaigns. Utilize “text-to-win” campaigns for free travel, holidays or hotel stays.

  • Food & Beverage

    Restaurants and bars can
    keep their customers coming back for seconds and engage new customers using targeted, time-sensitive SMS
    campaigns. Keep customers up-to-date on specials and events. Manage supply chain orders and queries.

  • Mobile & Social Marketing

    Mobile Marketers stand out
    as market leaders by using SMS campaigns to reach their audiences, providing them with useful information
    and resources. Around 95% of SMS text messages are opened and read compared to around 10% of emails!

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