Field Communication

How does a taxi company coordinate amongst all its drivers in the field? DHL? FedEx? Shipping companies? Hundreds and sometimes thousands of employees are in the field at any one time and SMS is an entirely viable value add to the existing communication systems in place for these companies. One message sent out to all relevant staff members at the click of a button.

Do you have to be a massive corporation to benefit from the ability to communicate with a wide variety of people in the field? Of course not! Volunteer and community groups who need to quickly rally their people for a protest, community help exercise or any other type of on-the-fly gathering can easily inform their members via SMS of all the relevant details. Why burden your team with manual phone calls and slow down the process when you need action NOW?

Increase your efficiency, decrease your cost and increase your reaction time! SMS is all you need for an across the board improvement of your business!

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