Machine2Machine (M2M)

Due to the use of its own SMSC platform, HLR and SS7 signaling capabilities, Silverstreet’s M2MSMS is in a position to put forth a high end Service Level Agreement to support the critical type services related to M2M.

Monitoring services are an intricate component of a variety of industries and applications. Some examples of who can benefit from these services are;

  • Security (alerting and tracing)
  • Transportation (track and trace)
  • Agriculture
  • Retail (vending machines, supply alerts)
  • Energy ( Smart Meter Reading)
  • Process control (Remote Monitoring)
  • Healthcare (Remote Monitoring)
  • Device control (wake up calls, data back up, diagnostics and configuration)

These services are enabled for 2 way traffic and further benefit from the many Mobile Operator and MVNO / MVNE partnership which Silverstreet maintains which are a key component in its ability to provide customers with special SIM card solutions for their M2M needs and applications.

We offer 24/7 direct support to all of our customers as well as maintain sales representation in Europe (Netherlands and Germany), the Middle East, Africa, Asia (Malaysia and Philippines) and Australia.

Please contact us via e-mail or with our 24/7 chat services found on the main page to discuss your specific needs and destinations.

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