Traditional and next generation communication solutions. With Silverstreet you are covered now and well into the future of messaging.
Contact sales
Global SMS connectivity made simple through extension operator relationships that will allow you to get your message directly to your target customer.
Silverstreet has an extension international reach that caters for OTP, OTT, marketing, alerts and countless other messaging use cases. Through our in-house developed platform you will be able to connect via HTTP, SMPP or make use of our online Mobile Communicator to structure, manage and monitor your messaging campaigns. Reaching users all over the world across 800 mobile networks has never been this easy.
Omni Channel
Through our Omni Channel Communications platform you will be able to communicate with your customers in an AI driven environment across an extensive list of messaging channels, RCS and Messaging Apps that your users already use.
Join us in offering consumers a richer experience with more interactive features for them to make use of as they engage with your business. Ensure your customers get the best experience possible interacting with your business, keep a full line of visibility across multiple communication channels and keep costs low as well as controlled. Contact us to learn more about how you can bring your business into the next wave of mobile communication.
Authentication & Security
Through Twizo we aim to offer an extensive authentication platform offering a wide range of verification solutions giving you the flexibility to pick the one that suits your business and consumers best.
Through both free and paid options as well as extremely simple APIs you can be up and running with a two factor authentication solution in minutes. Cyber security and online threats are a real problem for businesses and through our Twizo brand you can take a step towards protecting yourself.
Two Way Messaging
Supporting an extensive list of global markets for two way messaging allowing you to not only send traditional SMS to your customers but also to receive their replies giving both service provider and consumer a more engaging mobile experience.
Offering longcode, shortcode, shared and dedicated solutions across the various countries we support.
Mobile Communicator
Reach your customers using our fast, affordable, bulk SMS software.
Silverstreet’s Mobile Communicator is an online platform specializing in bulk SMS software, allowing you to manage your SMS and Number Lookup campaigns. You can manage, monitor, edit and review all your campaigns in one easy to use portal.
Number Lookup
Protect yourself against fraud by ensuring the quality of the numbers you engage with.
Why is this critical? Simple! You do not want to fall victim to fraud or scams that may cause your costs to run up by engaging with fake or otherwise problematic mobile numbers. Utilise our Number Lookup solution to give you more insight into your messaging strategy.
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