"Easy to integrate security solution supporting 2FA and many other authentication methods."
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Prevention is better than a cure

Take preventive measures by adding an extra layer of security to your products and applications with our simple to integrate authentication solutions.


95% of cyber breaches are due to a human error. Reduce your chances of being victimised by utilizing our Two Factor Authentication, Biometrics and Behavioural Analytics solutions supporting various clients for PC and mobile.

Making Things Easy for Developers

We have various code samples in our libraries to make your integration as easy and smooth as possible. Copy, paste and your service is ready to go!

Check out the API documentation 
                                            $widgetSession = $client->createWidgetSession(array('sms','call'));

Code in the language you know best

Check our Libraries and SKDs  

Improve security of your service

Cybercrime is real and the damage it can do to your service and customers is endless. Why take the risk? Whether it’s through tokens or biometrics take the first step in providing your customers and your team with the peace of mind needed to properly engage with your business.

Easy integration with the Widget

Easiest implementation of Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) in the market, period. No need to implement forms and flows to cover resending of tokens or incorrect tokens. Our widget supports all our current and future verifications types. Authentication made simple!

Check out how to integrate the widget

Authentication features


Enjoy reliable flexibility by having on and offline access for Android and iOS.

Multiple Channels

Access to your tokens on your favorite messaging app. Receive your tokens on LINE, Facebook Messenger and Telegram.

Bio Voice

Simply access your services by using your voice. Our safe and easy to use biometric verification can deal with the noisiest backgrounds and doesn’t require any tokens.


Receive traditional fully encrypted tokens via SMS.

Voice Call

Receive your tokens via voice call supported by any landline or mobile phone.

Backup Codes

Twizo’s backup generates 10 backup codes which can be used for recovery.


Strong pricing, flexibility for mobile and fixed line phones and an overall high quality service. Twizo is ready when you are!

Authentication pricing

Protect your service and your customers by preventing fraud and security breaches through the use of Authentication.
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