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"Control your e-mail campaigns towards customers by designing, sending and managing everything via one API and dashboard."
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E-mail Campaigns

Use e-mail to engage your customers in promotions, newsletters, updates and retention efforts. A quality campaign management system that gives you access directly to your customers inbox.

Making Things Easy for Developers

We have various code samples in our libraries to make your integration as easy and smooth as possible. Copy, paste and your service is ready to go!

Check out the API documentation 
                                                $email = new \Silverstreet\EmailClient\Model\Email();
                                                $email->setSubject("Hello world");

Hello world

"); $email->setText("Hello world"); $email->setFrom("\"John Doe\" "); $client->createEmail($email);

Code in the language you know best

Check our Libraries and SKDs  



Import and store contacts, build your customer base and start your campaigns. Easily assign relevant customer information from your address book to your messages for a more direct approach.


Customize emails by utilizing a broad set of variables found within our system to personalize your campaigns.

Performance insights

Analyze and customize statistical traffic data to measure the performance of your campaigns.


The look, feel and layout of your campaign is in your hands through the use of our editor interface. Design, preview and send!


Choose the subscription level for your use starting with a free subscription.

E-mail pricing

Send e-mails to your customers via our API or with our easy to use campaign module.
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