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"Send push notifications to your mobile app users via a simple to use API."
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Push features

Send push notifications with notifications to all your mobile app users through our API.

Address book

Add your mobile app users to the address book to send push campaigns to them.

Update notifications

Send updates to your app users about new releases and features of the app.


Send promotions to your app users about your products.

Making Things Easy for Developers

We have various code samples in our libraries to make your integration as easy and smooth as possible. Copy, paste and your service is ready to go!

Check out the API documentation 
                                                $pushCollection = new \Silverstreet\PushClient\Model\PushCollection(
                                                        'push' => array(
                                                                'data' => json_encode(array(
                                                                    'to' => $pushId,
                                                                    'priority' => 'high',
                                                                    'time_to_live' => 60,
                                                                    'data' => $jsonString,

Code in the language you know best

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Send push to your customers via our API.
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