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"Our API enables you to send SMS in large quantities through the highest quality routes in a fast, scalable and cost effective way. A powerful tool to communicate with your customers across the globe."
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A powerful way to communicate with your customers on a global scale.

Global reliability

You create the message, we handle the delivery. Over the course of 20 years we have established a global network of partnerships with mobile operators enabling us to deliver you the highest quality connectivity.

Simple implementation

Seamlessly integrate our API with an extensive range of code samples in the programming language you prefer.

Check out the API documentation 
                                            $sms = $client->createSms(‘Body of the sms’, ‘1234567890’, ‘Hello world’);

Code in the language you know best

Check our Libraries and SKDs  



Present your message to a universal audience. Send bulk SMS with an international reach in the campaign module at scheduled hours or dispatch quick SMS at any time.

High-quality Routes

Quality, speed, and reliability. These are priorities when it comes to sending your message and our direct connection with mobile carriers provides just that. We’ll make sure each message instantly gets delivered.

Global Carrier Coverage

With our worldwide coverage we offer reach to over 800 mobile operators allowing you to scale with us globally.

Concatenated Support

Wipe out the 160-character limit with concatenated support and send long SMS to your customers. Send multiple messages to the end recipient as these will be received in a singular text.


Speak to each customer in their own tongue. Allowing you to use unique numbers for each character, Unicode enables you to send messages in any language.

Easy API

With programming we like to keep things simple. Our user-friendly API is in-house developed and offers an extensive range of methods and libraries to make your integration as smooth as possible.

Vast possibilities

No one should be left out. Reach each customer utilizing our short and long code option through both standard as Unicode messages.


Global coverage. High quality connections. Strong pricing. Send SMS to your customers today.
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