At Silverstreet there is a strong belief that without a reliable foundation, the commercial model offered to customers cannot be built on top successfully. With that in mind, Silverstreet has invested significant effort and resources into the development of an in-house solution to best serve its client base and to compliment its competitive commercial offerings.

With a team comprised of highly experienced mobile experts and a group of individuals who have a true passion for the industry and mobile SMS technology as a whole, you can be sure that the staff at Silverstreet are working tirelessly to ensure the highest degree of service possible for you and your mobile needs.

100% in-house developed
The Silverstreet messaging platform is entirely built in-house, using a full UNIX foundation and 100% open source software. It is built from the ground up to be scalable, fully redundant and feature rich.
World class hosting locations
We use world class hosting locations in The Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.
Fully redundant and scalable
All components of the Silverstreet platform are setup fully redundant and scalable so we can provide high available (HA) services and can easily grow to your needs.
Multiple protocol support
We offer full protocol support for SMPP 3.3/3.4 as well as a simple HTTP API and a full REST API.
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