Twizo AI Chat

A new groundbreaking way to connect and engage with your customers.


Customisable conversations

Build and automate the conversation between you and your customers in the way that you want it.

Simple integration

Without coding, integrate the most widely used platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

All-day, every day

Let your business be available through automated responses whenever your customers need it.

Start for free

Try your first chatbot for free and experience how it can help your business grow!

Let AI do the chatting

Easy, automated and ready for the future

He works day and night, does not need holidays, and never asks for a promotion. That’s right, it’s our loyal AI Chatbot! Perfected for retail and well trained for your customer service, we proudly present you with our latest creation. Our AI Chatbot will ease your workload so you can worry about your next step. Integrate AI Chatbot to your favorite platform, and be prepared for the future!

What you see is what you get

Changes in your Flow Diagram look similar to what the user sees!

In the Flow Diagram

You can select from a multitude of different nodes to get your message across. Combine them together to create your own chatbot!

In the customer’s chat

The customer can talk with your chatbot to get help. This enables you to focus on other tasks while the chatbot takes care of the rest!


Engage with your customers across multiple platforms with an AI powered chatbot. Easy, automated and ready for the future.

Customer engagement

Make sure your company is always ready to help their customers across devices all over the world.

Customised conversations

Customise your conversations to whatever form you want by making changes to the Flow Diagram.

Simple integration

Easily integrate your personal chatbot into social media platforms by pasting the token. That’s all!

Minimise workload

AI Chat takes the lead if there are customers wanting to chat, so you may focus on other things.

Great usability

While configuring the chatbot, you are able to see the same content your customer will see. What you see is what you get!

User experience

Deliver a pleasant user experience which will leave a positive memory on the customers of your company.

Flow Diagram

No rocket science! Our developers created a user-friendly interface that is fun and easy to operate, with no knowledge required. You load the boat, we will make it flow.

Platform integration

Multiple channels supported via one interface allowing you to get the same brand message to all of your customers regardless of where they are.

Zero coding knowledge

Easy to setup and easy to activate regardless of how technical you are. Bring futuristic technology to your business in a quick and easy to understand way.

Optimise resources

Enable your staff to engage with higher level customer issues or other tasks and responsibilities. First level engagement and other easy to handle issues can be addressed through an automated AI chatbot environment.

Demo of services

We offer you a richer interface with more interactive features to ensure that your customers will get the best experience.


You don’t need to empty your whole bank account to use our chatbot! We handle a monthly fee to let you use it, but you can start for free right now!

  • 1 agent
  • 1 preset flow template
  • Custom flow design
  • Specialize design
  • Custom integration
  • 2 agents
  • 3 preset flow template
  • Custom flow design
  • Specialize design
  • Custom integration
  • 3 agents
  • 5 preset flow template
  • Custom flow design
  • Specialize design
  • Custom integration
  • 5 agents
  • 5 preset flow templates
  • Custom flow design
  • Specialize design
  • Custom integration
  • 5 agents
  • All preset flow templates
  • Custom flow design
  • Specialize design
  • Custom integration

Simple integration on multiple platforms

Your chatbot is available on the user's platform of choice.





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